Sunday, September 30, 2007

A New Hope:

I recently found this:

An On-Line education process has been initiated in order for those who are aware of the various pragmatic steps are necessary to take to be in a position to develop programs on this critical advocacy.

Everything is soley depended on the individual rights to self - determination and how the experiences that visiting International Students / Scholars have had in the United State in which have changed their personal perspectives, and how. later, they will be able to help develop their own countries as a result. Nonetheless, and as equally important, maybe more, it is how their presence have likewise changed us in return. It are these two leading factors which are at the cornerstone of how one is able to understand ones own rights fully; the full cultural awareness when ones culture is compared to another within an objective program, like an International Cultural fiesta, their cultural determinism within this framework, and what are their, or ours, true sense of human values are in fully developing our respected societies; and at times reaching over borders to assist each other to simply achive our respected goals.

It is the respected learned and achive value systems, which are a consequence of developing InterCultural Programs, such as the International Cultural Fiesta, and their perspectives which open ones own mind to broad social and economic opportunities which come hand in hand by the resulting changes in human behavior and how this affects the conditions for better free trade.

Thus the path is clear, and the additional source techniques are likewise being developed with the field of this Internet initiative, and from which sending out the message even stronger for others to join us.

The initial page is as follows..... InterCultural Communications- Conflict Preventioning WebSite - through the conflcit preventioning program, the International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement and the associated Policy Statement which brings it to focus through the frames WebSite presentation.

Page two, which is being link to develope a broaded perspective by several theses already being publish on the Internet, and the subsequent commentaries and modifications withstanding be made to bring them in to context of this initiative.

Mr. Roger M. Christian
Groups Manager.

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