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The Sephardic Rabbi

The Sephardic Rabbi of 1921.
Every once and a while a wise man from one of our nations will have a chance meeting with a Rabbi, then all of a sudden a mystical experience will emerge.
What some of us have found out, though initially some what painful to break down a cultural barrier or two, that before the European invasion - as some our Wounded Knee Creek radicals will claim, we are considered a Righteous Peoples in both the traditional text of " The Torah " and more comprehensively in the resulting historical interpretations of its oral transmissions through the Talmud.
Very much and with vast amounts of writings, like for example there is a single Jewish spiritual ethos of habbit or mitzvahs a blessing is said when a star in the darken night is first seen, or over a first drink of water in the new morning. In several Native American Nations similar spiritual habits or mitzvahs are likewise said. Like other examples. It could be a tall standing tree, and as a result of it being an important part of creation a blessing is said. The same for the first appearance of day light, the rise of the moon, and more.
For us this is not strange, for likewise, many in our various nations, not all, did the same, and likewise honored all living things, the Jewish term Chaim, even there are some nations traditions in which ritual slaughter of meat is observed.
We do not make graven images either, and think of creation beyond our humble craspe; though like the Chassidim we do have our legends of conflicts between the forces of goodness verses evil.
In close examination we are almost set in a way in which the Spehardim are most closer to our own ways, and as such in the perception I created for you, in the previous blogs, you must open even larger, and allow the spirit to grow, as you are still in the beginning of your education. More importantly, the Jewish tradition is of extreme importance in the survival of the Americas'.
Many of my nation see connections, and wonder Israel and foresee oursleves returning to our own reclaimed homelands.

First Love

As we as a people embrace we know our nature, our peoples, the supporting traditions, and the care we will recieve when we become old and infirmed. All of which means tenderness, trade, real commitments, and most of all " patience " to ensure the quality of our union. Something the Europeans attempted in their definition of love.
For us, in our hearts, our imaginations, and the life which springs from our whom of the life giver, we all know the duty and necessity to ensure life we are to create by our union.
Some of us, in our traditions our lips will never meet. Nor do our noses, as some whites may think, but our passions were always more firmer, and more tested than any other in the America's. Only the African American can boast of a mutual share, but never completely - they were wipping us out too when freed ! A far behind the Asian Americans.
So look at the expressionalism of this sceen above, and look in the applications of gentle hues mix with light pastels, and the feeling you get will match the landscapes below, or in the previous post.
And now you are in the circle. Keep the perceptions made for you. Go back frequently, and bring the spirit of their representations into your spirits which Europeans call a soul. Manisfest it when you leave the computer. Hold before you fall a sleep, and when you rise feel its significance around you so that you may prevail to others what you feel in life.
And once you are able to complete the circle in such things. Never play with anothers emotions. Nor cheat to get a head, as you then will remain in peace as preparation for the next posts.

First Principle " The Land "

Yellowstone " The First Preservance."

Every Leaf Important!

Even the ice has " harmonies. "

The United States launched a conservation ethic with establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872 and today manages some 34 million hectares in parks and 36.4 million hectares in wildlife refuges. The country is committed to helping other countries share in the conservation and economic benefits of land and wildlife preservation. Examples include its participation in the Congo Basin Forest Partnership to protect lands and combat illegal logging in West Central Africa and a debt-for-nature swap with the Republic of Panama that allows the Central American nation to reduce a portion of its debt to the United States in exchange for generating funds to protect its biologically rich tropical forests.

First Peoples, The First Epoch of American Romanticism.

First Peoples.
In both these pictures you see ceremony and dress styles which denotes a connection to both the land and nature. Something which did not have a price when these cultures were at their height in dotted rural and semi - urban Native American centers through - out the North American continent before the European trust in to the lands.
I was this connection, and the beauty it contained which brought about a more equal society and of which wisdom always prevailed according to most oral histories. And here is where the central ideas of naturalism always layed at the roots of present American societies.
You can not separate them, nor can you separate the naturalism, or human relations which these peoples had, and were for the most were taken advantaged of as a result. The word " Honor ", these peoples vulnerable psyche spot, being the focus to extract cruel concessions from.
There from, and as their view we must look to land first and foremost and appreciate its aw in sceenic panoramas. If you heart beat stronger once viewing them. Then there just might be a part of Native American in you.
Josephine Hawks ( NA )
I created the circle.....Now you may enter.

What is Romanticism

First we go to the term and the Internet, and we find......


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Romanticism is an artistic and intellectual movement that originated in late 18th century Western Europe. In part a revolt against aristocratic, social, and political norms of the Enlightenment period and a reaction against the rationalization of nature, in art and literature it stressed strong emotion as a source of aesthetic experience, placing new emphasis on such emotions as trepidation, horror, and the awe experienced in confronting the sublimity of nature. It elevated folk art, nature and custom, as well as arguing for an epistemology based on usage and custom. It was influenced by ideas of the Enlightenment and elevated medievalism and elements of art and narrative perceived to be from the medieval period. The name "romantic" itself comes from the term "romance" which is a prose or poetic heroic narrative originating in medieval literature.

The ideologies and events of the French Revolution are thought to have influenced that movement. Romanticism elevated the achievements of what it perceived as misunderstood heroic individuals and artists that altered society. It also legitimized the individual imagination as a critical authority which permitted freedom from classical notions of form in art. There was a strong recourse to historical and natural inevitability in the representation of its ideas.
Then we are able to begin our venture. Oh by the way please for to The Love Report .
My most pleasant pleasure loves....
Josephine Hawks......

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