Thursday, January 18, 2007

First Peoples, The First Epoch of American Romanticism.

First Peoples.
In both these pictures you see ceremony and dress styles which denotes a connection to both the land and nature. Something which did not have a price when these cultures were at their height in dotted rural and semi - urban Native American centers through - out the North American continent before the European trust in to the lands.
I was this connection, and the beauty it contained which brought about a more equal society and of which wisdom always prevailed according to most oral histories. And here is where the central ideas of naturalism always layed at the roots of present American societies.
You can not separate them, nor can you separate the naturalism, or human relations which these peoples had, and were for the most were taken advantaged of as a result. The word " Honor ", these peoples vulnerable psyche spot, being the focus to extract cruel concessions from.
There from, and as their view we must look to land first and foremost and appreciate its aw in sceenic panoramas. If you heart beat stronger once viewing them. Then there just might be a part of Native American in you.
Josephine Hawks ( NA )
I created the circle.....Now you may enter.

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